Oklahoma City, OK

"Advanced Body Scan is a God-send...  You seriously need to get this one done so you can finally have peace of mind on what is going on inside, do it, do it now!"

Jonathon Bishop

Oklahoma City, OK

"Very impressed with the staff, very kind and patient. I was pretty nervous but they took the time to talk to me on my level and helped me feel comfortable. Very nice facility and equipment. I haven't got the results back from all the tests but I really feel this is absolutely the best way to get a very extensive physical. I came from over 200 miles away and I will most definitely be back."

Richard C., MD

Oklahoma City, OK

“I was told by a cardiologist that I should have an annual scan to see if there was a progression of coronary disease. I had been experiencing a few mild symptoms. The calcium scan revealed evidence of coronary artery disease with a very high calcium score. Had it not been for the scan I received at your facility, I likely would have progressed to symptomatic cardiovascular disease or worse care scenario experienced a heart attack with no warning.”

Tim S.

Olympia, WA

“On August 14, 2012 I had a very successful Quadruple Bypass Surgery, I had over 90% blockage... Thank you very much for alerting me to this potentially fatal threat (I had no symptoms) before it was too late. I sincerely believe that had I waited any longer, the result would have been disastrous. My family truly thanks you for our future together.”

Amy C.

Tipton, OK

“I wish to thank Advanced Body Scan for the services you provided. My husband and I came in for a Heart and Lung Scan but decided to upgrade to the Full Body Scan. They found 2 hemangiomas on my liver which are benign, but will need to be removed. On my thyroid, the scan found 2 nodules, which were Papillary Thyroid Cancer. I have had surgery to remove all of this. I did not have and still do not have any symptoms. At my yearly checkup with the family doctor and all my blood work was perfect, and my thyroid was functioning normally. I have recommended Advanced Body Scan to anyone who will listen, it saved my life and I pray it will save many more”.